It Takes Two will be adapted into a movie or series

It Takes Two will be adapted into a movie or series

There are more and more cases where games are adapted as movies or series, and we will see such a story with last year's cooperative hit It Takes Two. According to the Variety portal, the leaders of the Swedish studio Hazelight have joined forces with dj2 Entertainment to take It Takes Two out of the gaming world.

dj2 Entertainment is responsible for the adaptation of the film Sonic the Hedgehog and the upcoming anime series Tomb Raider. In addition to these projects, they have a plan to adapt Disco Elysium into a series, and Sleeping Dogs into a movie.

"DJ2 is honored to partner with an amazing team from Hazelight Studios to adapt It Takes Two," said Dmitri M. Johnson, adding: "As with the rest of the gaming world, we feel in love from head to toe with Cody, May, Rose.", Dr. Hakima and the imaginary world that Hazelight created, so we can't wait to bring these characters and that world to life for big and small screens. ”

For now, there is no TV station or streaming platform that will claim the rights to It Takes Two, but there are rumors that they are "fighting" for who will get exclusive broadcasting rights. No wonder the game has received good reviews around the world, including us, so if you haven’t yet, read our review.

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