From now on, you can link your PlayStation account to Discord

From now on, you can link your PlayStation account to Discord

The long-awaited integration of the PlayStation with Discord, a popular communication platform, has finally begun. This is the result of the partnership between Discord and PlayStation, which was announced in mid-2021, and has so far been realized through a presentation of activities from PlayStation on Discord.

You’ve indeed been able to connect a Discord and PS account through some unofficial apps before, so you can see what you’re playing on your PlayStation console, but now it’s officially supported for both PS4 and PS5. Discord is still not available on the console itself, so you need to do all the settings on your computer or mobile phone.

The procedure is the same as for any other connection to Discord: click on the wheel next to your profile - User Settings, then click on Connections, and there will be a logo from the PlayStation you click on. You will then log in to your PSN account, and voila, you will get two new options: Display on Profile and Display PlayStation Network as your status, and then you have everything you ever wanted - to show what the battery in the controller is spent on.

Moreover, Discord itself will inform you on PC about this and ask you if you want to link a PS account, and if you answer yes, it will do half the work for you.

In the subsequent integration Discord, on the PlayStation, is expected to have broader functionalities, such as voice communication with other users. When that comes - we don't know yet.

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