No Man’s Sky got more action

No Man’s Sky got more action

The developers of No Man’s Sky have prepared a lot for their first update in 2022, and first on the list of new things are three types of enemies, each with a special way to sabotage or incapacitate you. The scariest among them is Hardframe Battle Mech, a large robot that has rocket propulsion in addition to armor.

To be able to defend against new enemies, new weapons and defense tools were added. For example, there is now an electric grenade that disables enemies or a camouflage device that makes you invisible for a short time, even in the middle of a battle.


Even greater help against the enemy will be the ability to "hack" enemy robots to fight with you and help you in the battle to liberate the planet. If you get rid of all the enemies they move off that planet for a while. Or if the battles are not for you, you will be able to sneak up to their strictly guarded control tower, disable it and thus achieve the same goal.

New enemies will not only be there to kill, but they will also get a story that you will be able to discover by searching for lost monuments scattered all over the planets.

Technical improvements have also arrived, including better optimization that allows more frames per second regardless of the graphics card you use without compromising on the look of the game. In addition, it was mentioned that the version for Steam Deck is completely ready.

All of this is just a small part of the huge Sentinels update that arrived yesterday, and the rest of the changes and additions can be found here.


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