Windows 11 will improve gaming in borderless window mode

Windows 11 will improve gaming in borderless window mode

There are often discussions on the PC platform about whether it is better to play the game in full screen or windowed (borderless) mode. On the one hand, when the game is played on full screen then we get maximum performance and the lowest latency of controls. On the other hand, windowed playback mode improves game stability if you want to quickly switch to something else (Alt + Tab), and often solve screen shuffling if the V-Sync option is not enabled.

The debate became topical again after several significant PC ports (Halo Infinite, God of War) removed the option to play in full screen, so players were doomed to the borderless window and the disadvantages that come with such a performance. Fortunately, a partial solution is coming in the future.

Windows 11 should get the option to optimize games running in windowed mode in a future update. Games would help reduce latency when running in windowed mode, get support for Auto HDR and VRR, etc. To be more precise, this should help older games on the DirectX 10 and DirectX11 API while DX12 games already have these optimizations. But most games still don't use DX12.

In addition to this option, in the future, there will be an application for HDR calibration, such as that used on Xbox consoles. This should improve the traditionally poor support for HDR in Windows, and therefore in most PC games.

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