10 PS 1 Games - Which We Want to See on PS Plus Deluxe

10 PS 1 Games - Which We Want to See on PS Plus Deluxe

From the sixth month of 2022, on the PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles, we should be able to play a selected range of games for the PlayStation 1 & 2 and PSP. While some PS2 games could already be emulated on the PS4 console, this is the first time since PlayStation Vita that Sony is bringing emulation of PS1 and PSP titles to the current generation PlayStation.

For now, it seems that Sony will reserve this emulation for the most expensive category of PS Plus subscriptions, which will be called PS Plus Deluxe in our country. There will also be PS Plus Premium with the possibility of streaming PS3 games, but not on the Croatian market for now. While we would prefer to be able to buy old PS1, PS2, and PSP games in digital form, we will accept this as well. So we’ve put together a list of ten PS1 titles/series that we’d love to see become playable on PS4 and PS5 consoles. We intend to do the same with the vintage PS2 and PSP systems in separate articles.

Now, the original PlayStation has a bunch of cult games, so we decided to limit the choice for this text by one rule - we will not mention games that have received remakes / remasters or can already be purchased in digital form, even on other platforms. For example, the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro series got their remasters, as did Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Tomb Raider. Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, and other cult series are also available on today’s platforms in various collections or PC ports on GOG.com. We do not mention them here for that reason.

Now that we've read the offer, here's what we'd like to see in PS Plus Deluxe from the rest of the PS hits: 

Driver Series

Today we have a bunch of open-world games where we can do whatever we want, but sometimes it’s good to go back to similar games where the gameplay was limited. The driver had interesting missions focused on driving, with an excellent driving model at the time. It sounds amazing, but today there aren’t even many games that offer such a directed mission with a ride. Even the Driver series itself has disappeared so it wouldn’t be bad to remember it this way. 

Tenchu Series

Tenchu games are said to have been the forerunner of the Souls series right next to From Software’s King’s Field. True, the biggest challenge here today is sluggish controls and a problematic camera. But once you get used to it, you have a Japanese atmosphere that no other ninja game has offered in a long time. Elements of hiding are also very important, and in such a combination Tenchu games are still among the must-read for ninja-themed fans.

Twisted Metal Series

A new game from the Twisted Metal series is reportedly in development, in parallel with an adaptation in the form of a television series. On that occasion, it would be good to return to the brutal games from which the chaotic warfare with vehicles began. In case the emulation of the current consoles brings some technical improvements, the original games could serve as good preparation for what is to come in the future.

Siphon Filter Series

Games from the Syphon Filter series have not aged well. Shooters today don’t look this stiff, and the characters no longer run as if they’ve swallowed a stick. Nevertheless, these games have their charms, perhaps primarily in spy-political topics, which we do not often see in today's games. In addition, the Syphon Filter IP should be owned by Sony it was also on the list of PS One Classic console games and is expected to be considered for PS Plus Deluxe.

Dino Crisis Series

Another series that has not fully realized its potential, and unfortunately it is no longer counted on. The first Dino Crisis was an interesting alternative to Resident Evil's gameplay - still with tank controls, but in a fully 3D rendered environment. The other was an arcade shooter and it was pretty good in that format. Fans love both games, i.e. they loved them because they can’t be legally acquired anywhere at the moment, and it would be a shame to fall into eternal oblivion.

Tekken Series

The Tekken martial arts series was the fifth most successful PlayStation console series, and today it is virtually unavailable legally. The first two games were removed from the PS Classic offer on PS3 / Vita, and only the third part was available with the PS One Classic console. Such an important series should not be forgotten, so we hope that by coming to PS4 / 5, it will offer its legacy to some new generations who might want to witness the family's throwing into abysses and volcanoes.

Gran Turismo Series

It may not be clear to anyone why anyone would play old Gran Turismo games when a nicer week is available, but fans would restart the GT1 and GT2 just to recall the current vehicles at the time. Or even some tracks that are cult in the series, and GT7 doesn't have them yet (I'm looking at Autumn Ring and Apricot Hill). At least in these games, you have no right to sue grind because they come from a time when microtransactions were not yet invented. 

Silent Hill

This classic is available in digital edition on PS3 and PSP / Vita platforms, so there is no reason not to be playable on the current generation. Silent Hill is a work that is referred to by many of today's works in the horror genre, even 20 years later, and the atmosphere today is just as creepy as on the first day. Since we haven't had a new game from the series for a long time (and even longer if we count the quality parts), access to the original would be good for alleviating the suffering.

Vagrant Story

Square has launched a bunch of games in the last 30+ years, but rarely one that was as aesthetically and thematically specific as Vagrant Story. This game is like a Japanese interpretation of some Shakespearean work, good plot, great music, and gameplay that wasn’t afraid to experiment. It is so special that it has remained the only copy of its kind without growing into a series despite excellent reviews. It is already available on PS3 / PS Vita consoles, and it would be great to play it on today's platforms.

Medal of Honor + Underground

Call of Duty is easy on the ears of even CoD fans, but there are WW2 shooters that a lot of people haven't played, and they are quite competent in portraying the atmosphere of World War II in a way that is not subordinate to the spectacle in every scene. Medal of Honor games is still imaginative shooters that unfortunately, can no longer be found on sale. If a modern control scheme (targeting with the right analog) were added to them, it would be a phenomenal journey into the past.

We've already rescued France from Nazi occupation multiple times, but the atmosphere from several Medal of Honor missions has stayed incomparable. The Medal of Honor is unlikely to come back to life, so why not return to its history?

We had to omit Parasite Eve, Tower World, and other hits from the list. But now it's your turn - which PS1 games would you like to play on PS4 and PS5 consoles?

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