Elden Ring Characters in Tekken - Mod

Elden Ring Characters in Tekken - Mod

Modder nicknamed Ultraboy yesterday released a modification for Tekken 7 that brings characters from the Elden Ring into the game. If you have a PC version of Tekken 7, you can play with Radahn, Ranni, Alexander, Melina, and even a huge crab.

The whole thing was done quite well, so it attracted the attention of Katsuhira Harada, the current director, and producer of the Tekken series. He wrote the following on Twitter:

"Rediculous is a well-made mod, but please stop, lol."

Harada then explained that he is upset that this mod has confused a lot of people because they think this is an official crossover that is not outside the realm of feasibility. Namely, both Tekken and Elden Ring are owned by Bandai Namco, so such cooperation would not be technically complicated. Of course, that doesn't mean it will happen.

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