Blizzard has news for those waiting for Overwatch 2

Blizzard has news for those waiting for Overwatch 2

Things weren't the happiest when it came to Blizzard's title Overwatch 2. They postponed the game, the director left, and who knows what else was going on behind the scenes. Worst of all, their current Overwatch game has suffered from new content as they have focused all their focus and resources on developing the sequel. They realized that in Blizzard as well, so they sent a message to all the fans via YouTube.

First of all, they apologize to everyone, claiming that they realized that they did not communicate clearly with the players and now they want to change that in a way that they will communicate more often with them about news and plans. In addition, they announced that Overwatch 2 will have new content regularly, new maps, a new 5v5 system, and other content.

The first PvP alpha Overwatch 2 will be launched soon, limited to Blizzard employees and partners (professional players), but the next closed PVP beta will be available to a wider range of players, followed by a public beta this year. For more information on all this, watch the video below.

For all of you who want to participate in the closed beta test, follow this link and apply for the PVP beta. For now, no one has officially mentioned the release date of the game, but judging by these plans and tests, we will play the game sometime in 2023.

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