Cities: Skylines - On this day

Cities: Skylines - On this day

Fans of the construction-mayoral games have been waiting a long time for SimCity to return. When SimCity returned, the hope turned out to be in vain, and the city-building genre seemed doomed. However, exactly seven years ago, Cities: Skylines appeared and won over most SimCity fans.

The game by Finnish developer Colossal Order was set on the foundations of their Cities in Motion series. These games did not build a new city but improved the transport infrastructure of existing European cities. It was this segment of gameplay that grew into the most important and best thing about Cities: Skylines. The charm of building a big city was in accepting the traffic challenge that comes with it.

Cities: Skyline conveyed the complex matter to the player simply and understandably. Its interface was intuitive, which is crucial for games like this. In addition, one banal option was provided in response to SimCity. Namely, this game could be played offline, which was not the case with the last SimCity. Cities: Skylines also natively supported the modifications, again - unlike SimCity. In just one month since the game's launch, about 20,000 modifications have been created for Cities: Skylines.

The game was originally released only for the PC, where it quickly achieved notable success. Two years later, she finished on PlayStation and Xbox platforms, and in 2018 on Switch. According to statistics from the beginning of 2019, Cities: Skylines has sold more than six million copies. No wonder then that the game got 13 expansions that brought concerts, college life, natural disasters, snow, etc. The latest expansion with air travel came out in 2022.

On the occasion of the seventh birthday, Cities: Skylines is being distributed for free on the Epic Games Store. The offer will be valid until March 17, 2022.

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