Dying Light got the next-gen update on PlayStation 5

Dying Light got the next-gen update on PlayStation 5

Techland's love for fans of the original parkour game in the zombie world is not waning. Dying Light has been receiving regular updates for six years, in a free edition. Now there is an update on the repertoire that will visually enable the next-gen feeling.

PlayStation 5 players were allowed to play Dying Light in a whole new guise. Sony's gaming platform has received an update in which the quality of Dying Light has improved and beautified. The new update thus brings with it three modes that PS5 players can choose from:

  • Performance (60 fps in Full HD)
  • Balanced (60 fps in QHD)
  • Quality (30 fps in 4K resolution)

But it’s not just PlayStation 5 owners who have benefited from this update. Those who own the PlayStation 4 Pro, while owning Dying Light, are getting an improvement in the 30 fps limit, and new networking is being introduced using Epic Online services. As for the Xbox Series X / S, updates on those consoles are coming soon.

Although Dying Light came out six years ago, the game is holding up pretty well on Steam because about 10,000 people play it regularly. When players on consoles get used to it, it is clear that the number is slightly higher. Techland sees this and makes it clear to fans of the original that he hasn’t abandoned them, but brings them back into the game with frequent updates to experience something new.

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