Elden Ring became the sixth most active game in Steam history by number of players

Elden Ring

The second weekend since its release, Elden Ring has set a new activity record on Steam and is approaching the threshold of almost a million simultaneously active users. The exact number of players who were in that game at one point was 953,426, according to SteamDB.

With that, Elden Ring skipped Amazon's MMO New World and climbed to the sixth position of the most active games in the history of Steam. This is a huge accomplishment for a new game that isn't focused on multiplayer (only Cyberpunk 2077 had a bigger success), and a major improvement over past From Software games, which had seven times fewer players in their most active moments than Elden Ring.

This success came despite the poor condition of the PC version. At first, PC players received the game negatively, but the more they played it, the better the ratings on Steam became, so Elden Ring now has 84% of recommendations, ie positive reactions.

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