Here's how the next-gen version of GTA 5 looks next to the PC version in max detail

next-gen version of GTA 5 pc vs ps5

Last Friday, Rockstar released several images of the next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto 5 and revealed details about the graphics options of the new release on PS5 / XSX / S. Of course, some immediately rushed to compare the scenes shown with the PC version, for which no graphic improvement was announced.

Although the comparison itself is not 1: 1, the GTA Series Videos channel managed to capture quite similar shots from the old GTA 5 version for PC. As you will see - there are differences, but they are not drastic. The shadows are more realistic in the next-gen version, the clouds in the sky are more detailed and there is more vegetation. The only thing left unchanged is the level of detail on the horizon - it seems that the console versions have been equated with the PC version, which previously had a better draw distance.

gta 5 pc max vs ps5 xbox series x scaled

It is worth noting that the comparison was made on the vanilla version of GTA 5 for PC at 4K resolution and maximum settings. Although the PC version will not receive official support for raytracing and other improvements that will be enjoyed by the audience on consoles, GTA 5 has a very active modding community, so if you make the effort, playing with several modes on PC may look better than Rockstar delivers on consoles.

gta 5 pc max vs ps5 xbox series x scaled 2
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