Forspoken has been postponed for the fall

We were supposed to play the ambitious action game Forspoken on PC and PlayStation 5 this spring. However, the game still needs "cooking in a pot", so the publishing house Square Enix decided to move to the fall. The new release date of Forspoken is set for October 11, 2022.

The reason for the delay is classic: the game needs additional tweaking. In translation, if this multimillion-dollar project comes out unoptimized and full of bugs, he can comfortably forget the idea that it will grow into a series.

The decision comes just days after Square Enix launched another new name - a game called Babylon’s Fall. Currently, Babylon’s Fall is one of the worst-rated games of 2022 (average rating 41 on Metacritic) and a game that failed to attract more than 600 players on Steam after launch.

Little to say that this triggered an alarm for Square Enix and their next game which is not another Final Fantasy.

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