Full Metal Alchemist Mobile Arrives This Summer

Full Metal Alchemist Mobile arrives this summer

The famous fantasy Full Metal Alchemist in 2021 marked the twentieth year of its existence. As part of the big celebration, the famous Japanese house Square Enix announced that it is working on the game Full Metal Alchemist Mobile. It is a free-to-play title for mobile phones that will have its premiere this summer in Japan.

Judging by the views seen so far, FMA Mobile should provide us with beautiful and authentic scenes from the popular eponymous animated series. Namely, Square Enix placed special emphasis on faithful and impressive 3D depictions of various characters from the animated template.

Although the game will likely unfold on the move, skirmishes should be fast and attractive, and our biggest ally in the fight against the enemy will be attacks produced with the help of alchemy.

FMA Mobile will allow us to play with Edward and Alfonso Elric, but also many other famous characters like Scara, Mustang, and Winry.

Full Metal Alchemist Mobile will be available on iOS and Android devices. After the debut in Japan, the transition to the western market is expected.

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