Bloodborne - On This Day

Bloodborne - On This Day

The From Software team has been stringing hit to hit in the last ten years. And while they were still working on Souls after Souls, in parallel they created a game that made their fans even angrier. Bloodborne was a PlayStation 4 exclusive, launched on this day exactly seven years ago. She took us to the unforgettable Yharnam, a city afflicted with disease and filled with creatures that many hated from the bottom of their souls.

Bloodborne was an action RPG just like the Souls games, but it put more focus on the story and the Gothic atmosphere which makes it special today. The game was dark, bloody, and brutally challenging. She encouraged the player to play offensive games, offering him the opportunity to regain lost health by hitting his opponent.

Although firearms were included in the game, the weapons were not used as in shooting. Also new were the optional dungeons, which were different in layout each time.

Multiplayer was a little different in the game than in the then Souls titles. It allowed players to call other characters for help, but at the same time left them open to the invasion of another player. As in all From Software games of a similar type, messages could be left in the world for other players.

As we mentioned, Bloodborne was exclusive to the PlayStation 4 console and still is. For this reason, the game sold "only" two million copies, but Sony was pleased with the result. Unfortunately, From Software didn't stay in the game for long either. They launched one expansion, and unfortunately, they never adapted the game for more powerful hardware, so Bloodborne is still playable at only 30 frames per second. However, unofficially, the game's performance has been improved, only it requires modifying the PlayStation 4 console to make the game spin at a smooth 60 fps.

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