GT Recommends - Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands

GT Recommends - Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands

Snow games that put us on snowboard or skis can be a great alternative to ski resorts, especially when it involves a good atmosphere and fun gameplay. One such game is Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands - actually the second part of the Grand Mountain Series, as the original has been available on mobile devices for a long time. The way of playing has not changed by switching to the PC platform, but now even at higher resolutions we can enjoy the snow adventures of downhill, slalom, and performing tricks on 12 fun ski resorts.

What Kind of Game Is Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands?

  • Semi-isometric, semi bird's eye view of the mountain - When snowboarding games are mentioned, the first association is usually with the view behind the back as we see in titles like the SSX series or the Amped series and other games. Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands doesn’t stick to that tradition but changes the view of a combination of birds and isometric perspectives. And it works very well. It doesn't take much time to get used to, although sometimes the camera can escape a bit, so our character is no longer in focus.
  • Relaxing, with a good dose of challenges - Do you just want to go down the mountain and enjoy the virtual snow? You can, within Zen mode. Do you want to show your skiing or downhill skills? There is that too. Of course, some tricks are more towards realism even though the game is arcade. In addition, the tasks range from super easy to those that will require good finger flexibility, so there is something for everyone.
  • Snowboarding or skiing - No matter which vehicle you choose to go down and perform tricks, it’s just as much fun to control. In addition, they can be changed "on the fly", so we are not doomed to choose from the beginning of the game. In addition, there are two types of snowboards and skis, one more for speed and the other for tricks. Therefore, it is desirable to experiment, especially if on some tasks gold begins to look unattainable. 

Why Should I Try Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands? 

  • Fun tasks and the way to progress - Successful conquest of ski passes, either through tasks or collecting on the mountain, unlocks the lifts and new ski resorts. This is a good way to get to know part of the mountain, and the game also doesn’t require collecting everything before heading to a new location. Tasks are classic because some include a time limit as well as those that require performing tricks and their combinations. There are also additional challenges such as flying in the air for a certain number of seconds or sliding on the rails for a certain number of meters.
  • Variety of mountains or ski resorts - 12 ski resorts may not sound like much, but it should be emphasized that each of them is colorful enough to always be a feeling of something new. It is not the same when you have to descend mostly on flat sections or when jumping on mountain tops. In addition, each ski resort has many ski passes to pick up, and some of them require a little research on how to get there. Wonderlands have enough to offer so you can stay in front of the screen for a long time, be it for 20 minutes or an hour at a time.
  • Local multiplayer for four players - When a team comes together and doesn't know what to play, Grand Mountain Adventure offers local winter adventures. Group play does not allow you to win ski passes, so you need to first unlock the lifts in the mountains before the team starts to descend. For some this may be a disadvantage, for some it will not, but in any case multiplayer is a welcome additional option.
Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands

Where to Find the Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands?

Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands is available on Steam for $17.99 and for the Nintendo Switch which costs $ 34.99. In addition, Grand Mountain Adventure can be tried for free on mobile devices, which can serve as a kind of demo version.

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