God of War 2 - On this day

God of War 2 - On this day

It often happens that the second part of a series is also its highlight. Diablo 2, Halo 2, Mass Effect 2 - the list is quite long, and it includes God of War 2, a game that came out on this day exactly 15 years ago.

It was one of the last big exclusives of the PlayStation 2 console and its swan song. The more powerful PlayStation 3 was already on sale at the time, but before players switched to that console, they had a chance to say goodbye to the best-selling home console in history.

God of War 2 continued the story of Kratos and his thirst to kill the Greek gods. It was in many ways a soap opera on an epic scale, expanded gameplay with significantly more boss battles than in the original. Sony's Santa Monica Studio in the game managed to perform scenes on a scale unimaginable for PlayStation 2 hardware.

The game picked up numerous awards in the otherwise crowded 2007 and sold 4.2 million copies, making it the 14th best-selling PS2 console game. Two years later it was remastered in the God of War collection for PS3, and in 2012 it became part of the God of War Saga collection also for PS3. In 2014, the game also became available for the PlayStation Vita as part of the God of War Collection

In 2009, the play was turned into a novel of the same name, which expanded the story with a more detailed explanation of the intentions of some of the characters. The novel also featured some characters who weren’t in the game itself.

God of War 2 has long been considered the best part of the series, but in 2018 it was surpassed by a reboot for the PlayStation 4 that managed to pick up even better ratings. The continuation of that chapter is currently being developed as one of the most anticipated games in 2022.

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