GTA 5 for PS5 and XS will cost AU $14.99 now and AU $59.95 later

GTA 5 for PS5 and XS will cost AU $14.99 now and AU $59.95 later

Orders for Grand Theft Auto 5 in the PS5 / XSX / S edition will start tomorrow, March 8. However, it is already possible to buy a copy of the game in Australia, so prices have been revealed. As we assumed, it seems that there will be no upgrades - neither free nor paid. So for the next-gen experience, you will have to buy the game again if you already have a PS4 or XBO version.

Admittedly, Take-Two is aware that they are selling a nine-year-old game, so they came up with the following: they will sell the single-player campaign GTA 5 at a promotional price for the first three months.

The single-player campaign for GTA 5 in the PS5 version will thus cost AU $14.99 upon release. This will apply to everyone, both those who have old versions of the game and those who are buying GTA 5 for the first time.

After the mentioned three months, from June 14, the single-player campaign will cost AU $59.95, and that will be its standard price. Of course, those who bought it during the promotion will not have to pay anything extra. It is to be assumed that the same will be true on Xbox Series consoles.

The offer itself is not so bad, especially since PlayStation 5 users will also be able to get GTA Online completely free of charge until June 14th. This applies to all console owners, so no PS Plus subscription will be required for GTA Online to be available for free. Of course, just playing GTA Online will require PS Plus.

By the way, the GTA 5 will weigh 86.8 gigabytes in the PS5 version, so get ready for another robust download.

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