New shooter Marauders

New shooter Marauders

The 1990s are an alternative - World War II never ended, the Earth is on the verge of industrial collapse, and many have already set out in search of a new address in space. In this not very cheerful scenario of a game called Marauders, some see an opportunity to get rich by plundering outer space and other robbers in it.

Marauders will be a tactical shooter in the style of Escape from Tarkov. Alone or in a group of three, we will search for values in space wrecks, fighting other players and computer opponents.

Any expedition will be risky because dying in Marauders loses all the experience gained, all the experience gained, and the aircraft won. However, returning to zero does not mean that you lose absolutely everything - you will return to the most basic aircraft and the most basic weapons.

The game has been announced for the PC platform for now and will soon go into closed testing and will then be launched as part of Early Access on Steam.

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