Leaked New Characters, Maps and Weapons for Apex Legends

Leaked New Characters, Maps and Weapons for Apex Legends

A rather big omission happened to the Respawn Entertainment team from which a bunch of information about the future of Apex Legends was somehow alienated. An anonymous source published 15 videos in which new characters, future maps, weapons, costumes, etc. were shown.

As these are contents that are still in development, it does not necessarily mean that they will eventually come to life in Apex Legends. However, most of this content seems to be part of an elaborate plan. Nine new legends called Conduit, Scryer, Newcastle, Uplink, Vantage, Catalyst, Phantom, Jester, and Caliber are shown.

Among them, Newcastle could come into play first - a defensive character who has the power to pull wounded comrades while protecting them, use a mobile shield in the form of a drone, and with the ultimate attack to repel enemies and set up a protected "fortress".

As for new weapons, five new pieces are on the horizon: Nemesis, Scorpion C80, Maelstrom, Fanatic, and Gemini. Of these, the Nemesis looks like the first model to launch.

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