The continuation of the game Returnal is not planned, for now, work has begun on a brand new PS5 game

Returnal was one of the more prominent PS5 exclusives last year. The game garnered good ratings and three outstanding awards but sold only 560,000 copies in its first three months. This is a solid result for a type of game that is "not for everyone", but slightly weaker than other Sony games for PS5.

The Housemarque development team revealed in an interview with GamesBeat that they are proud of what they have achieved with Returnal. However, they do not intend to return to him - the continuation of the game, if there is one at all, we will not see for some time. Housemarque studio director Ilari Kuittinen revealed that the team is working on a completely new project.

“We are the last dinosaurs to do arcade games… We had a period of work on multiplayer games because a few years ago it seemed that games had to have some form of multiplayer. We tried, and we didn't do it right. Now are the early days of our new project, the new IP, which we are conceiving. We'll see what happens. " Said Kuittinen.

A few months ago, it seemed like Returnal could get more content. However, for now, everything has stopped at version 2.0.

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