The F1 2022 will reportedly also have supercars

The F1 2022 will reportedly also have supercars

It seems that the takeover of Codemasters by Electronic Arts will bring some changes in the development of Formula 1 games. After the rumors about Fifa 23, we got almost identical news related to F1 2022, the upcoming Codemasters title that has yet to be announced. Still, all of these rumors should be taken with a dose of suspicion as they have not been officially confirmed, but they come from reliable leaker Tom Henderson.

The F1 2022 is supposed to get a cross-play option, virtual reality support, and several new features within the single-player mode itself. The decision of the development team to give F1 2022 the possibility of cross-play is interesting, to say the least. Mostly because less than two years ago, Codemasters' director of F1 games said that F1 games can't get cross-play due to the peculiarities of their engine.

The alleged introduction of VR support, which, like crossplay, has been a sought-after option for a long time, is also considered great news. Players will finally have a reason to drive cars from the cockpit camera and thus get closer to the simulation part of the game.

As for the single-player component, F1 2022 should omit the story introduced by F1 2021 and introduce the so-called F1 Life instead. F1 Life will work by giving players an extra peek behind the scenes of the octane circus into the private lives of the drivers. According to the allegations, it will be possible to buy expensive and luxurious things, including supercars.

Players will be able to buy supercars and normally race in them against friends through the online part of the game. Supercars will reportedly not be able to race F1 cars, but we will drive them on the same tracks in separate races. According to Henderson, the story should return in F1 2023, but it is still too early to say in what exact format.

Also, it is stated that the already stable ways of playing or driving will not be changed, despite the addition of supercars. Does the implementation of cross-play and VR mean the introduction of a dedicated server? We are not 100% sure, but we secretly hope that we will finally experience that as well.

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