2002 FIFA World Cup - On This Day

2002 FIFA World Cup - On This Day

You probably already know the situation with football simulations at the beginning of the century, but for the sake of order, we have to repeat it for this introduction. In 2002, FIFA was still the arcade game that the then ISS ate for breakfast. Still, FIFA has progressed by inserting gauges for passes, falsified punches, and a few other cool things that crossed out on the 2002 FIFA World Cup, a game that came out 20 years ago on the occasion of the World Cups in Korea and Japan.

The game consisted of 32 teams that qualified for the "World Cup", and nine teams that did not succeed. The teams were mostly licensed, although the most important actor at the time, the Brazilian Ronaldo, did not have the hairstyle that the whole football world was talking about at the time.

Moreover, there was controversy over the players' licenses and performances, so the then German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn sued Electronic Arts for unauthorized use of his character, which led to EA eventually losing the right to sell the game on the German market. It was a lesson they never forgot.

By the way, this was also the first FIFA game that did not have licensed music, but the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra recorded songs specifically intended for the game itself.

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