Capital Command Will Put Us in the Hot Seat of the Spaceship

Capital Command Will Put Us in the Hot Seat of the Spaceship

Outer Space and Apostate Artificial Intelligence - What Can Go Wrong? Well, it looks like a lot when we in Capital Command will have to issue orders, plan strategic positions and perform tactical maneuvers against various enemy ships.

This newly announced space simulation will put us in command of a spaceship, so we will issue orders to drive, fire, control damage repair teams, and other similar captain things. In any case, there will be no room for error.

From the development studio, they say that we will be greeted by the realistic movement of ships, whether through automatism or manual positioning. Likewise, it will be equally important regardless of whether it is an offensive or defensive movement. Namely, we will be able to spot enemy ships at great distances, so attacks will have to be planned. The other side is defensive positioning because if our projectile removal machine guns can't target, then you know how it ends.

The campaign in Capital Command will be procedurally generated, and in the fight against a more numerous opponent, we will have to use a variety of weapons and tools. There will be more elements of upgrading the ship, but resources will mostly come after the destruction of enemy ships, so you will need to plan conflicts wisely.

Capital Command currently has no release date - we only know that we should play it sometime during 2022.

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