Diablo Immortal Still Comes on the PC

Diablo Immortal Still Comes on the PC

Blizzcon 2018 was remembered as an absolute fiasco in which Blizzard representatives experienced loud outrage from fans after the announcement of the mobile game Diablo Immortal. It was then said that they are developing the game for iOS and Android devices and that they have no plans to launch it on PC. In an attempt to turn audience dissatisfaction into a joke, the developers threw in the infamous question: "Don't you have cell phones?"

Less than four years later, Diablo Immortal is coming to the PC in parallel with the mobile versions. The release date of the game is set for June 2, 2022.

Blizzard says they have been arguing for a long time about the decision to make the game available to PC audiences. They say that in the end, it was decided that they knew that PC players would play the game via the emulator on the PC anyway, so it is better not to suffer from the controls. The PC version will be customized to support a mouse and keyboard, with a classic layout.

But there will also be a novelty - for the first time in history Diablo will be able to play so that the character is triggered by the WASD keys. No worries - it will be possible to issue an order to attack and move by clicking, but movement with the WASD method was introduced for one reason - that you can move and attack at the same time, which is not possible by clicking.

The game will also have controller support, and the interface will be properly scaled to the standards of today’s monitors. Players on PC and mobile phones will be able to play the game together, ie through cross-play, and a cross-progression system will be supported, so you will be able to switch between mobile and PC and continue playing on another device where you stopped at first.

Of course, Diablo Immortal will also be free-to-play on PC, ie free play.

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