Outlast 2 - On This Day

Outlast 2 - On This Day

The original horror adventure Outlast caught many players unprepared because it was the debut title of the Red Barrels studio. In such circumstances, the fear is perhaps the greatest, but players still hoped it would happen again with Outlast 2, which was launched on this day five years ago.

Outlast 2, compared to its predecessor, moved the action to somewhat open spaces. Instead of a mental hospital, we explored a village “god behind our feet” as a journalist who came to expose a strange sect. Religious extremism was the main theme of the story, both in the main part and in the numerous scenes of remembrance of the dark past.

In gameplay, Outlast 2 was similar to the first part, forcing players to hide from their opponents. And then when hiding wouldn't help, you had to follow in the footsteps of the wind. Here, too, we were chased by some opponents to remember, such as a huge sister with a pick and a little freak on the giant. Of course, the enemies were only part of the horror, we were scared by the game with various other motives and abominations that we would like to forget.

One of the main objections to Outlast 2 was the difficulty of the game, namely the frequent deaths from a single blow. These objections were so loud that the game developer subsequently released a patch that made the game a little easier by increasing the endurance of the main character. 

Outlast 2 has sold over a million copies. A year after the release of the PC, PlayStation and Xbox versions, the game also appeared on the Nintendo Switch console. Unfortunately, or fortunately - official support for VR never came. It was announced that the series will continue, and Outlast Trials is currently being developed, which will precede the previous parts with its action.

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