Dreamfall: The Longest Journey - On This Day

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey - On This Day

The Longest Journey series began its existence on the PC platform as one of the last great PNC adventures. In the middle of the last decade, its creators set themselves the task of switching the game to an adventure format with elements of action, so Dreamfall: The Longest Journey was created, which was released for PC and Xbox exactly, 16 years ago.

Dreamfall was a new beginning for The Longest Journey and thus brought new protagonists. At the center of the plot was Zoe Castillo, a sympathetic girl who is taken on the adventure of a lifetime by the disappearance of her ex-boyfriend Reza, from Casablanca to Japan.

In addition to Zoe, we also controlled Kian Alvane, a member of the Azadi army who wants to ban the practice of magic in the world of Arcadia. Kian's worldview is re-examined when he meets April Ryan, the protagonist of the first game and the leader of a rebel group with which he also played briefly. With these three characters, we revisited the worlds of Stark and Arcadia and got involved in the story of the corporate conspiracy and genocide.

Dreamfall relied most of the time on his narrative side through dialogues. When it came to gameplay, he kept solving the puzzles, but he also introduced a bit of hiding from that fight. However, the last two segments of the game were not done very well.

The biggest problem of the game was its ending which came abruptly and remained unresolved until 2014, until the release of Dreamfall Chapters. The saga of this series was finally concluded in 2016 on PC and a year later on consoles.

One of the reasons why the sequel took so long was that Dreamfall: The Longest Journey sold quite poorly. The publishing house Funcom complained that on the PC, for every copy of the game sold, it was pirated 3-10 times. Therefore, in the future, they gave preference to online (MMO) games that did not have so many problems with pirates. It was only when the creator of The Longest Journey series - Ragnar Tornquist - separated from Funcom that the series was finally completed.

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