Metal Slug - On This Day

Metal Slug - On This Day

There aren’t very many live series that have started on platforms that haven’t made a name for themselves throughout history. One such is the Metal Slug game series, which was developed for Neo Geo arcade machines and consoles 26 years ago and was later switched to all possible and impossible platforms.

Metal Slug from 1996 was an arcade sidescrolling shooter similar to Contra games and stood out with hand-drawn graphics, humor, and the ability to drive vehicles. In the initial version, the game was darker and focused on driving the tank, but the criticism of the players was not good, so the developers decided to add funny elements and more jumps to make the game livelier and more interesting.

The first Metal Slug, or as the Japanese would say "Metaru Suraggu", set the story in 2028. Soldiers Marco and Tarma of the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force fought the rebel army through a total of six missions. The gameplay was simple - shoot everything you see, but there were ways to deal with your opponents more efficiently. For example, close melee attacks in Metal Slug were more effective than firearms. The specificity was the rescue of prisoners who gave the player various bonuses.

Metal Slug gained the sympathy of players after its release, and in 1997 it was transferred to the PlayStation console, with an additional mode of several mini-games. It was the beginning of a series that later won numerous games, even crazier than the original. The characters Marco and Tarma remained present in the sequels and were joined by some new soldiers.

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