GOG.com Revives the Good Old Games Concept

GOG.com Revives the Good Old Games Concept

At the end of 2021, the Polish CD Projekt revealed that their revenues from the GOG.com platform are declining from year to year, and they announced a turnaround in their business plan. Instead of trying to offer as many new games on that platform as possible, their focus will be on expanding the selection of old games, all of which started (GOG was once a label for Good Old Games).

Now the CD Project has told GOG users that the task of bringing old games to the platform is not easy because sometimes the legal entanglements need to be resolved so that the games can go on sale again, and then they need to be adapted for modern systems. But they are not giving up on this task, so yesterday they returned the old game The Wheel of Time, which cannot be found anywhere else on sale.

Then they announced the introduction of the label "Good Old Games" for the selection of old games that CD Project considers a must-read. There are 10+ year-old games that have created new genres, hold up well to this day, and are considered absolute classics. There are such old Warcraft games as Monkey Island, Might & Magic, Fallout, Settlers, Civilization, Gothic, Stronghold Syberia, and other series.

Currently, this selection of games has 468 old hits, and you can see the offer on this page.

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