The Latest Update in F1 2021 Disabled Online Gaming on the PC

The Latest Update in F1 2021 Disabled Online Gaming on the PC

Three days ago, F1 2021 received a regular Codemasters update in which they try to improve the feeling of racing for all players. Patch 1.18 fixed some cosmetic problems, fixed bugs that led to game crashes, and stabilized the gaming experience, among other things.

However, the latter failed, and players could feel it in the online segment of the game. According to many virtual drivers, there is a great deal of desynchronization of other drivers on the track, which has led to the players being shown different things on the screen than they are. This hit the league racing community the hardest, so many leagues decided to suspend all future races. This problem only seems to affect PC players like those on consoles who can still play smoothly since the last update.

Codemasters has not yet commented on the issue, although their comments on social media profiles and forums are flooded with player complaints. This is not the first time that players have complained about the state of the online part of the game. A month and a half after the release of F1 2021, Codemasters released an update that split the game into two different versions. The older version was available to most fans, while the newer one was only for eSport drivers. That decision led to a fierce attack by almost all fans of league racing, but in the end, it proved futile because the British development studio did not offer an adequate solution to the then-new situation.

To make matters worse, back in F1 2020 there were calls for Codemasters ’treatment of the multiplayer community. Back then, players complained about the lack of anti-cheats, problems with getting a safety vehicle out on the track, unfairly imposing time penalties, and the like. Some of the problems have been fixed, but it cannot be said that they are in the majority, especially since the anti-fraud system is still missing. Codemasters has a license to work on F1 games until 2025, but year after year it seems that less and less attention is paid to the online part of the community, the one that keeps the game "alive" until the arrival of a new current title.

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