Lego and Epic Games Are Teaming Up to Build a Metaverse for Kids

Lego and Epic Games Are Teaming Up to Build a Metaverse for Kids

You probably know about the worst possible pain in the world: the one when you step on a small LEGO cube with your barefoot. The fear of this pain has traumatized humanity so much that the LEGO group is planning a future in which new generations of the human race will live without fear of stepping on the dice. In the future, LEGO bricks will be stacked in a virtual universe.

Of course, LEGO itself does not produce video games, so they decided to partner with a company that knows what it does. They reportedly heard that Roblox was exploiting child labor so they didn’t want to get in touch with them. Therefore, Epic Games, as the creator of Fortnite, imposed itself as a logical choice.

As of today, LEGO Group and Epic Games are in a long-term partnership from which we should get… some metaverse intended for children, ie younger ages. It is described as a creative, family-friendly, and inspiring digital experience that will allow children to have fun in a safe and positive environment.

There are three main principles that LEGO and Epic plan to follow in this project, and they are:

  • protect children's right to play by putting safety and health first
  • protect the privacy of children and put their interests first
  • give children and adults tools to give them control over their digital experience

This probably sounds abstract to you, but it's nothing that doesn't already exist - this is the practical answer of LEGO and Epica to the increasingly popular creative game Roblox. Of course, the whole project is far more complex than that, but we will have a 3D world in which players will also be content creators.

It is worth noting that both LEGO and Epic Games already have a history with 3D games of creative content. LEGO had a sandbox series of LEGO Creator games back in the late 1990s, while Epic has a separate Creative Mode in its Fortnite.

On the other hand, more and more companies are talking about the concept of the metaverse and forging their plans for it. While many in the gaming industry agree that most of these visionaries have no idea what they’re talking about, like they’ve never played MMO games, it’s clear that companies like the LEGO Group, which don’t produce video games, don’t want to miss out on that story. LEGO probably sees an opportunity here because children are very rarely mentioned in the whole story of the metaverse, and it is precisely the audience that will be interested in metaverses.

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