HELL is US - is a Next-Gen Game

HELL is US - is a Next-Gen Game

Here is one announcement that will delight fans of dark fantasy. Canadian studio Rogue Factor has introduced its first game called HELL is US - an action-adventure in preparation for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X / S. They are using Unreal Engine 5 to develop the game, and plan to launch it in 2023.

HELL is US will be a third-person game, with a fight that will use cold weapons - swords, axes, and other tools to beat opponents. The plot of the game will be set in a country affected by the civil war, but also by a mysterious phenomenon that brought with it some supernatural beings.

If this sounds like Stalker to you - it's not the only comparison we can draw with existing games. Just like in the Elden Ring, there will be no markers for quests or compasses here. There will be no maps. The developers say that the research in HELL and US will be reduced to the player's instincts and that they are preparing an innovative level design for us.

Quite an ambitious promise for the studio for whom this will be the first project. Of course, it’s not an amateur studio - run by former Eidos Montreal visual director Johnathan Jacques-Belletete, who is credited with the aesthetics of the last two Deus Ex games and has also worked on concepts for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Let's continue with the comparisons - thematically HELL is US reminds us a bit of Death Stranding. Shakespeare is quoted here, and the main theme is war, ie violence that arises as a cyclical phenomenon based on human emotions and passions. And the music is a bit reminiscent of Death Stranding, let’s be realistic.

All in all - this is promising, and we will see how it will end in 2023.

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