GTA: Episodes From Liberty City - On This Day

GTA: Episodes From Liberty City - On This Day

Thirteen years ago, Rockstar took the obsession with DLC packages seriously. Their two expansions for Grand Theft Auto 4 were not short-lived DLC content but significant expansions for the Liberty City story. Both DLCs, The Lost and the Damned, as well as The Ballad of Gay Tony, were temporarily exclusive to the Xbox 360 console. But because they were so informative, Rockstar decided to sell them on other platforms as a separate game package, independent of GTA IV.

These two DLC packages brought us the stories of two new characters in the GTA universe. In the first adventure, we led a biker gang like Johnny Klebitz, an unfortunate man who later ended up in GTA 5. In the second story, we followed Dominican Luis Lopez, a bouncer in the nightclub of the title character Gay Tony. Both protagonists somehow met Niko Bellić from GTA 4, and the stories from their perspectives rounded out that chapter in Liberty City.

In addition to new stories, these extensions brought motorcycles and several other vehicles, additional weapons, parachutes, mini-games like dancing and drinking, new multiplayer mods, three additional radio stations, and more. All this in the package could be bought for $ 40. Both DLCs were well received and achieved solid sales.

As of 2019, Episodes from Liberty City in the PC version can no longer be purchased separately. It is only available as part of GTA IV: Complete Edition but without any multiplayer functionality.

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