New Images From the Long-Awaited Starfield Have Been Leaked

New images from the long-awaited Starfield have been leaked

While we are waiting for the first real presentation of the gameplay of Bethesda's next game, images from her earlier development have started circulating on the Internet again. These are images from 2018, and on them, we can see the base and the player with potential UI elements.

Information about the upcoming Starfield is coming in handy, and even such scanty images are enough to tickle the imagination of impatient gamers. A big show of the game has been announced for this summer, but the recent cancellation of the E3 fair could disrupt plans and shift the official presentation of the game to Microsoft's summer fair, which has been rumored for some time.

Starfield leaked - 1

Starfield leaked - 2

Starfield leaked - 3

Starfield leaked - 4

Starfield leaked - 5

Although we are slowly approaching the release date scheduled for November 11 this year, there is no room for panic because Bethesda is known for waiting until the last minute to show the already finished product. Until then, we will study these images and imagine what it all looks like 4 years after development.

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