Men in Black: The Game - On This Day

Men in Black: The Game - On This Day

In the 1990s, we escaped zombies in Resident Evil, demons chased us in Alone in the Dark, and aliens in Men in Black - a survival horror based on the 1997 film of the same name. But wait - wasn't that a comedy with Will Smith? How come the game was a survival horror then?

Although it was not customary in previous years for games based on the film to have an original story, Men in Black: The Game was an exception. The game itself had a different story from the movie, and thus a far more serious tone. Despite this discrepancy, the main actors, Smith and Jones, appeared as characters in the play.

Men in Black: The Game was first launched for PC the same year the film premiered. But in the end, it was more popular on the first PlayStation for which the game came out on this day 22 years ago. The game was practically the same as Resident Evil - with fixed camera angles, several different characters, and a focus on puzzles.

The game contained a total of four levels and eight different weapons. And while it was fun to use the weapons seen in the movie, the game limited the player to use only one weapon per level. The short duration of the game was one of the main criticisms, so Men in Black: The Game did not go well with the reviewers.

The Men in Black franchise later won a few more games. Other games were of other genres and did not follow the serious tone of the first part.

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