The New Need for Speed Reportedly Bypasses the Old Consoles

The New Need for Speed Reportedly Bypasses the Old Consoles

Journalist Jeff Grubb has spread fresh rumors about the next game in the Need for Speed series. As we already know, the new NFS has been in development at Criterion Games for some time. It was supposed to come out as early as 2021, but it has been moved to this year, and the aforementioned Grubb says that the release of the game is planned for the eleventh month of 2022.

But that’s not the more interesting part of the rumor. More interesting is the claim that the new Need for Speed will be launched only for consoles of the current generation, ie - PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. A PC version is probably planned, but Grubb says NFS will bypass the old PS4 and XBO consoles.

If that turns out to be true, NFS could be the first new game Electronic Arts hasn’t launched for old consoles. And it could be true because Grubb has proven to be a reliable source of information in recent years. In addition, the recent history of Need for Speed was such that it didn’t linger long on old consoles.

For example, the 2015 Need for Speed was not launched on the PS3 and X360 consoles and appeared two years after the PS4 and XBO were on the market. By comparison, the PS5 and XSX / S will be on the market for two years at the time the new NFS is launched.

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