The New Rainbow Six Siege Mode Brings the Fight of Japanese Deities

The New Rainbow Six Siege Mode Brings the Fight of Japanese Deities

Japanese themes are a relatively common theme in video games, mostly through guerrilla ninja warriors or honorable samurai. It seems that the same theme did not bypass Ubisoft's multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege, but this time it is a slightly different presentation.

Rengoku is a new time-limited event in R6 Siege that forces you to side with the sun goddess or storm god. The eternal battle between these two divine beings has brought with it some operatives who will fight for them. Custom maps, operatives, and weapons in this mode allow players to move away from the classic formula of the mentioned title.

Instead of attackers and defensive operatives, some are committed and obsessed. On the side of the devotees will be Fuze, Capitao, Zofia, Twitch, and Osa, while the obsessed are Bandit, Maestro, Kapkan, Thunderbird, and Rook. The matches take place on a modified Skyscraper map, and the players' goal is to keep control of the so-called Altars.

As part of this mode, players will be able to choose from a bunch of cosmetic items they want to take using the game’s currency. Rengoku mode is available from April 26 to May 17 - a full three weeks.

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