Here’s What Trying Out New Games With a Playstation Plus Premium Subscription Will Look Like

Here’s What Trying Out New Games With a Playstation Plus Premium Subscription Will Look Like

From June 22, the PlayStation Plus subscriber service will have two additional ranks: Extra and Premium. The most expensive Premium option will bring, among other things, the possibility of time-limited testing of new games. This is nothing new - some games on the PlayStation could be tried before, for example, Cyberpunk 2077 could recently be tried before buying in the PS5 version. But it seems that Sony will strictly ask developers to give their games a try, under certain conditions.

According to the GameDeveloper portal, the conditions are as follows:

  • every game for PlayStation 4 and 5 that costs more than $ 33, will have to be able to try out as part of the PS Plus Premium subscription
  • the trial of the game may not be shorter than a total of 120 minutes, or two hours
  • developers must submit their game for testing within the first three months of the game’s official launch
  • the ability to try the game must be active and available to subscribers for at least 12 months after the developer allows it

These are the most basic rules. Games that are cheaper than $ 33 will be available for trial, but their developers are not required to do so. Games for PlayStation VR will not be covered by this policy, i.e. their developers will not have to give them up to try out.

This condition will not be retroactive, ie it will only apply to new games that will be launched from mid-2022. All games that are already out there don’t have to get tested as part of the PS Plus Premium.

Trying out games via Premium will not prevent developers from allowing their players to try out their games, not just subscribers. Weeks of free gaming will still be available on the PlayStation, and there will still be demo versions of the games.

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