The New Tomb Raider Is Currently in Development

The New Tomb Raider Is Currently in Development

The Tomb Raider adventure series will continue after celebrating its 25th anniversary. The Crystal Dynamics team, which has been running the series since 2005, has announced a new adventure for Lara Croft.

It will be a high-budget action-adventure aimed at pushing the boundaries of graphics. For this purpose, the game is being developed in Unreal Engine 5, which means that it will be intended for the hardware of the current generation (PC, PS5, XSX / S).

The Crystal Dynamics development team thus became another studio in the series that gave up using its game-making tools. Previous Tomb Raider games were visual spectacles in their day and used an engine called Foundation. By that fact, we know the team knows how to put together an impressive engine, but switching to someone else’s solution for Tomb Raider franchise owners was probably more financially viable in the long run.

In any case, the next Tomb Raider is still at an early stage of development and we should not hope for it so soon. In addition to that game, the Crystal Dynamics team is also working on a reboot of the Xbox exclusive Perfect Dark.

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