Rainbow Six Siege Arrives On Mobile

Rainbow Six Siege Arrives On Mobile

Ubisoft today announced Rainbow Six: Mobile for iOS and Android! Although there is no word Siege in the title, according to the official description and the first trailer, it is clear that this is Rainbow Six: Siege, but tailored specifically for modern smartphones.

Rainbow Six: Mobile is of course not there to replace Siege, but to attract new players according to the specific Rainbow Six gameplay, as well as to allow the series veterans to play slightly faster matches when they are not at the computer.

"While the gameplay, characters, and maps will share similarities with Siege, we developed the whole game from scratch with mobile phones in mind," the developers said in an official statement.

So, this is not just going to be some awkward Siege mobile port. The developers say they have developed a completely new control system adapted for mobile phones, as well as numerous optimizations of the user interface and visual presentation experience. The whole experience is tailored with slightly shorter matches in mind, and players will be able to customize the interface and controls to the specifics of their mobile devices.

The maps will be very similar, but not the same - for example, in some the destruction will work differently than in Siege, and elements like ladders will be removed because the developers say that in a mobile environment they only make it harder to navigate.

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile

You can expect the operators you love in Siege here as well, along with their specific capabilities and gadgets. We don't know yet how many operators will be available at the launch of the game, but on the official key art we see ten of them, so we can assume that these ten will be available immediately after the release. We will also have more game modes available, including the classic Attack vs Defense shooting with fast 5 on 5 matches.


Rainbow Six: Mobile will be free-to-play, and although the release date hasn’t been announced yet, it should arrive later this year. If you are very keen on the game, you can sign up for the beta on the official website.

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