The Xbox Game Pass Introducing a Family Subscription Plan

The Xbox Game Pass Introducing a Family Subscription Plan

Subscriptions to the Xbox and PC Game Pass can technically be shared, but not very convenient. However, a new set of rumors suggests that Microsoft could offer an additional benefit to subscribers by introducing a family subscription plan.

It would be one subscription to the Game Pass through which up to five players could access the games, according to the Windows Central portal. The subscription would be slightly more expensive than usual, but users could agree on cost-sharing with each other. In such a scenario, the Game Pass would individually become cheaper if, for example, you have four friends with whom you would share the subscription costs.

The so-called "Family Plan" subscription is not new - even Nintendo has it for its Nintendo Switch Online subscription. But on the other hand, Sony's PlayStation Plus subscription service does not have such an option for now.

The introduction of an additional subscription plan could be Microsoft's response to Sony's announcement of a PS Plus Extra subscription with a catalog of about 400 games for PS4 and PS5. Although we will not have Sony games in this Extra subscription from the first day they are launched, the PS Plus Extra subscription is slightly cheaper than the Game Pass on an annual basis, which is a small but still significant advantage of PS Plus.

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