PUBG for April 1st Got Monster Chicken Royale Mod

PUBG for April 1st Got Monster Chicken Royale Mod

Most jokes for the first of April are not real, but with the developers of the popular game PUBG: Battlegrounds, there is no such joke. Their April gift to players is the Monster Chicken Royale mod - a temporary addition to the game that places a 50 meters tall chicken on Karakin's map.

The chicken is not there for decoration, but the rules change so the players become the chicken dinner. That is, the chicken is mobile and attacks players on the ground. Fortunately, the chicken can be defeated, and each player sees the energy level the chicken currently has. The one who gives him a deadly blow gets the Monster Chicken Dinner award.

There are a few specific rules in this mode. The game is played exclusively in TPP and Squad format, with a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 32 players. Only LMG and M79 weapons, smoke grenades, and one vehicle type (UAZ) can be used. The blue death zone here moves faster and is more deadly than in standard gameplay. Of course, it is centered according to on the location of the chicken itself. The black zone specific for Karakin can still be activated, but it does not harm the chicken.

The mod is otherwise part of LABS and does not bring XP rewards for gaming. Monster Chicken Royale will be available from today until April 11.

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