Lego Star Wars: The Video Game - On This Day

Lego Star Wars: The Video Game - On This Day

The games that accompanied the Star Wars movie series have never been particularly high quality. However, exactly 17 years ago, a hit from the background appeared on the market - LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game. No one hoped that the LEGO-style Star Wars adaptation would be successful in passing the Force on to a younger generation of fans.

LEGO Star Wars brought us a humorous version of the first three Star Wars movies or prequel trilogies. As the game was intended for the younger ages of the players, her story was considerably milder and did not depict the numerous deaths that occurred in the films.

It was an action platformer that could be played alone or in pairs. Multiplayer was exclusively local and took place on the same screen, ie there was no split-screen.

Different levels had different playful characters. There were a total of 59, ranging from Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gonna Jinn through Yoda, and Chewbacca to Anakin and Padma. Most of the characters had a special ability, so the players had to repeat the levels after unlocking each character to complete the game.

The game became an instant hit due to its structure and humor. It first appeared in PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox versions, and later on the GameCube console. By 2018 more than 6.1 million copies had been sold, most of which went to the PlayStation 2 version Saga.

In a few days, we should get a kind of remake, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which brings all nine episodes in a brand new edition, with voice acting, different mechanics, and a different camera.

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