Alan Wake will appear on Nintendo Switch

Alan Wake will appear on Switch

Alan Wake 2 was announced half a year ago, and the Remedy team talked about the game on the anniversary of the release of the original adventure. They say the development of the game is progressing well, they have a bunch of material and a good part of the game is already in playable condition. However, they say they have decided not to demonstrate the game this summer.

They justify themselves by saying that creating a demo version and trailer requires a lot of time that they would rather dedicate to the development of the game itself. Still, not to be outdone, they published several conceptual drawings, including a creepy old woman in the sewers. If you missed the news that Alan Wake 2 will be survival horror, now I guess you understand that.

Alan Wake 2

The second piece of news they had to convey to us concerns the original game, or rather its remastered edition. Alan Wake Remastered will appear on Nintendo Switch platforms - there is no specific date yet when exactly, but the writer is arriving on Nintendo.

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