Doom (2016) - Hell on Mars

Doom (2016) - Hell on Mars

The original Doom celebrated the shooter genre with its brutality during the 1990s. In recent times, this brutality has fallen into the background with the advent of quasi-realistic shooting in the Call of Duty and Battlefield games. After the horror-oriented Doom 3, the id Software development team set out to develop Doom 4, which was to take place on planet Earth and bring directed action like Call of Duty games. Luckily for fans, Doom 4 was canceled after six years of development, and it was decided that the next game would be a total reboot inspired by rock’n’roll.

The return of Doom to its original form was announced in 2014, and we received our first real presentation in 2015. In the 15-minute gameplay show, fans were delighted with the scenes of tearing and tearing demons, as well as the overall atmosphere of the game, which was accompanied by fierce music. It was a futuristic shooter with a fantasy of power that new generations of players had never encountered before.

Doom was in many ways the opposite of modern shooters. Its levels were designed so that the player was not encouraged to hide in the shelter, and there was no automatic renewal of energy. A pile of weapons could be carried and there was no need to reload those weapons. The movement was fast, unlike realistic and sluggish shooters. New for the Doom series was the so-called Glory eliminations, which could be activated after inflicting some damage on the opponent, and was performed by bringing the player closer to the opponent, tearing him apart, and regaining some energy in return.

Doom was a linear game with 13 levels, but those levels had several different routes and hidden passages. The levels were also quite spacious, unlike Doom 3, and they asked the players to take advantage of the terrain in fierce battles. Reboot was loyal to the original Doom for its lavish and exotic weapons that shot at famous, only slightly redesigned demons.

In addition to the single-player campaign, the game also had content multiplayer. It was offered nine maps, several classic mods, and even a level creator called SnapMap. None of this brought Doom great popularity in the competitive community, but the game as a package was so well received that the fact became irrelevant.

Doom was nominated for numerous awards in 2016, and at The Game Awards, he won the title of best action game in the competition of Battlefield 1, Overwatch, Titanfall 2, and Gears of War 4. Although specific data on sales results are not available, it is known that the PC version sold more than two million copies in the first year. The success of the game led to an even better sequel, Doom Eternal, which was played in 2020.

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