The Future of the Arma Series Will Be Revealed Soon

The Future of the Arma Series Will Be Revealed Soon

The militaristic simulator Arma 3 is almost nine years old. He does not lack content because numerous expansions have been published over the years, including one that brought an SF plot with aliens. However, we have known for some time that the Bohemia Interactive development team is preparing for the next project. They are currently developing a new engine called Enfusion, which will be used to create realistic and compelling worlds. In translation - the kind that can be found in the Arma series.

What exactly awaits the Arma series soon we will find out next week. A presentation of the “future of ARMA” has been announced for May 17, 2022, which will be available on Twitch.

On the official Twitter channel, the name Arma has been changed to Arma Platform, which slightly suggests the future that follows this military series. It is to be assumed that the Arma series will be developed in the future by several different developers, not just Bohemia Interactive. The basic idea behind their new Enfusion Engine is to be affordable and easy to operate, which should facilitate the process of creating content for Arma games outside the main studio. This opens the possibility for the players themselves to be the creators of the content for the game they are playing, and to sell that content within the same game.

This approach is already present in several games. For example, it can be found in Microsoft Flight Simulator, where you can buy content that was not created by a development studio but by a community of players.

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