Diablo 3 - On This Day

Diablo 3 - On This Day

The first and second Diablo were successful games at the time they came out. But that was before World of Warcraft happened to Blizzard, which delivered huge millions of dollars to the company's account. Development of Diablo 3 began in 2001 but underwent three revisions before Blizzard introduced it to the world in 2008. We eventually got Diablo which was visually closer to Warcraft than previous games. Some fans were annoyed that the game was not accompanied by a dark tone, but everything was more colorful than before.

To play Diablo 3, you also had to agree to a permanent connection with the Battle.net platform, which might not be disputable if the launch of the game was not accompanied by problems with servers. Due to the influx of players, Diablo 3 could not be played in single-player performance for the first few days, and the servers were hard to breathe weeks later.

Once we played the game, Diablo 3 offered us quite enjoyable gameplay. Some things became faster and simpler - there were no more clicks to collect gold, surrounding objects could be destroyed and the character development system was well designed. The controversial novelty in the game was the auction house - a place where players could sell and buy virtual items in the game, both with virtual gold coins and with real money. This led to the players being able to destroy their sense of progress through the game, and as usual, there were various financial malversations. Ultimately, Blizzard decided to shut down the auction house less than two years after the launch of Diablo 3.

Diablo 3 received one expansion during its lifetime - Reaper of Souls, but there were also a few minor extensions, i.e. DLCs. Another expansion was reportedly under construction, but it was abandoned. The game ended up in the fall of 2014 on PlayStation and Xbox consoles in an expansion pack like Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition. The console version supported some things that weren’t in the PC release, like local multiplayer and rolling mechanics to avoid attacks.

Diablo 3 was a financially very successful game - for years it held the title of the game with the most pre-players on the PC platform. In the first week, 6.3 million copies were sold and Diablo 3 became the best-selling PC game in history until Minecraft and PUBG appeared.

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