The VR Mode for Resident Evil Village Is Almost Complete, Here’s What It Looks Like

The vr Mode for Resident Evil Village Is Almost Complete, Here’s What It Looks Like

Resident Evil Village is not a game designed to be played in virtual reality. But as a first-person player, he’s a pretty good candidate for that. And thanks to a modder nicknamed Praydog, now Village is a more advanced VR game than Resident Evil 7 which had official VR support.

Namely, Praydog managed to implement full control for Ethan Winters in his VR mode. To make things even more impressive, it is an implementation where the hands are not separated from the body of the player, which makes the whole thing more realistic in some moments, in others a bit comical. In any case, the whole system is far more advanced than that of Capcom in RE7, where the player aimed to use the headset, i.e. by moving the head.

In this VR mode, which is close to completion, the whole game is playable from start to finish. And surprisingly, it's not that demanding - with the RTX 2080 it keeps a stable framerate. But gaming is only feasible without raytracing effects that don’t work best with VR mode.

The whole thing brings a new dimension of experience for Resident Evil Village, just keep in mind that this is an unofficial modification for a game not designed for virtual reality. In other words, there are times when a player does not have free control of the camera, such as during first-person cutscenes, and this can result in nausea.

This is not the only VR modification for Resident Evil games on PC. The same modder made it possible to play Resident Evil 2 and 3 from a first-person perspective, and miraculously this implementation is even more impressive than in the case of Village.

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