Mafia 4 may not be based in America

Mafia 4 may not be based in America

We recently heard unofficial information that the next game from the Mafia series will be a prequel to the original, ie that its plot will be chronologically placed before the events from the first Mafia. Now a new set of rumors has arrived that build on that - take them with a dose of reserve because they come from an anonymous source, but if there is truth in them, an interesting change awaits us.

Namely, the host of the podcast XboxEra states that he heard from his source that the new Mafia will not be located in America but on the Italian island of Sicily. Of course, Sicily is the cradle of the Italian mafia, and in the game, we are supposed to follow the family of Don Salieri at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Previous Mafia games have been located in three cities: Lost Heaven, Empire Bay, and New Bordeaux, each of which was a combination of several real American cities. In case the game is set in Sicily, it will not be the first Mafia in that territory. Namely, Mafia 2 opened its story in Sicily, during the Second World War.

Other unofficial information is that the game should be more linear than Mafia 3, or more like the old Mafia games whose missions went in a predefined sequence. Mafia 3 gave the player the freedom to choose which targets to focus on but failed to cover up the repetitive task structure.

Again, none of the above is official. After all - Mafia 4 has not even been officially announced yet. But we wouldn't be surprised if the developers are looking for something that will make the Mafia different from similar open-world games, and that's why they're potentially going back in time, to an exotic location outside of America.

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