Mods for God of War Have Gone Too Far

Homer and Bart Mod for God of War

God of War is available for PC, and in a short time, it got some interesting mods, for example, the mode for playing the role of Atreus. Of course, not all modifications are equally useful - some are just plain funny. And that we have something to write about.

It is precisely this modification that changes Kratos and Atreus with the duo from The Simpsons - Homer and Bart. More effort has been put into this mode than most others, so Homer and Bart are not only introduced into the game as character models but also have supporting voices, ie dialogues that the author of the fashion probably recorded by imitation.

Kratos' ax has also been replaced by a baseball bat, and Homer is active in commenting on things during the fight. The best part of the whole thing is probably neighbor Ned Flanders who comes to Homer to persuade him to go to church.

Here's what the modification looks like:

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