Digimon World 2 - On This Day

Digimon World 2 - On This Day

If you grew up on the PlayStation console then you were probably left deprived of playing Pokemon video games. However, an alternative existed in Digimon World. The far less popular Digimon didn’t have quality games on Sony’s platform, but the Digimon World 2, which hit the European market today exactly 21 years ago, offered a lot of fun to digital monster fans.

I remember this game as a title with which I spent a lot of sleepless nights. I invested hundreds of hours in it, so much so that my memory card could no longer show how much time I spent playing. And basically, it was a pretty bad title. The 3v3 fights were good, but the movement on the levels was reserved for some labyrinths and polygons designed for only one purpose - annoying.

Still, none of that kept me from hoping to catch Metalgreymon. My friend also got infected with the game, but since we only had one copy of the game, we were arguing about when someone would play. At school, we discovered some secret combinations of Digimon crosses to get stronger species through evolution. After I finished the game I was left with a void. A few years later, I came back to her with an emulator that saved me a lot of time, and also nerves.

Quite justifiably, the criticism flooded Digimon World 2 and it did not achieve notable sales results. However, the third part followed the following year, and the series has remained relevant to this day.

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